Manufacture of woolen yarn and hand knitted fabrics.
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  • 1993

    Our beginning

    The company Kosteks Doo was founded in 1993 as a family company with a plan based on the processing of wool and the production of woolen yarns. In 2004, we succeed in completing our production line for the production of woollen yarn, as a new young company with great ambitions, we are able to position ourselves in the Balkans market. The years of persistent work have slowly pushed us towards greater export business and we are able to establish cooperation with the most famous carpet makers from England and Belgium.

  • Progress

    Our company offers various woolen yarns for various purposes of finishing wool from 20 micron to 35 micron. Our yarns are used for manual knitting, handmade or robot tufting carpets, machine carpets in the range from Nm 1 to Nm10. We also produce yarn of the finest wool of 20 microns for making berets for military and civilian use. The expert team of our technologists stands at your disposal for all technological issues and solutions to all potential customers' requests.

  • Technologies

    In our production of tufted - woollen yarns, we have the equipment of HOUGET DUESBERG BOSSON two line 2.2m and 2.5m hooks for the preparation of Temafa and Houget Duesbrg Bosson, GAUDIONO spinning machines, METTLER AND GILBOS winding machines, MASINOTEX for small and jumbo winches. Packing yarn on cans in bales 20, 50-100kg or on cones in PE foil.

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Proud of our products. We produce woolen yarns for:


production of berets

machine carpets

hand knitting 100% wool or a mixture with synthetics

a handcrafted tapestry carpet or robot tufting

  • Slavonska 39, Pirot, Serbia
  • (+381) 60 3322677

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